LineTransformer 1ch.OEP/Carnhill ×2 ーAMATERAS 0001 compact [Pair]

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Let all the sounds be rich.
No more harsh and thin sounds.
There are texture you cannot accomplish no matter how much digital processing you go through.

■To anyone who...
・is struggling to make your mix sound "professional"
・is not happy with how thin amp simulator sounds.
・finds guitar and base to be a mess when it comes to mixing.
・finds equalization to be tough.
・is not happy with how sounds are blending.
・knows what 2000 USD worth recording studio equipment can bring to your mixing.
・expected tube preamp to do so much more but ended up sounding dry.
・DJ is sounding harsh, thin, cheep.
・and more...

■High-end recording studio equipment can bring you...
Mixing transformers that are developed and optimized for professional recording are equipped in the best mic preamp, audio compressor, channel strip, mixing console along with input and output circuit.

This only happens when you are accompanied with high-end recording studio equipment.
Why? Because they are very expensive.

It is often said that warm and lush sounds are made from tube preamp but in many case this is not true and you end up sounding dry. Clear and tight, warm and lush sounds you aspire with vintage recording gear are often produced by the use of high quality transformer.

AMATERAS 001, 002 is equipped with transformer that is exclusively collected from around the world and will make your mix tight and silky.

■Recording and Mastering.
We Cafe au Label ( tried out various of transformers from around the world and exclusively chosen the best before commercializing it.
Shiny high range: High range instruments such as electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and cymbal can be stabilized enough that you do not need to overly equalize.
Mid range: Crucial sounds such as vocal and instruments playing melody will stand out energetically.
Low range: Stabilized low range will form a great foundation for your music piece with base and kick drum.

■What is AMATERAS 0001, 0002?
"AMATERAS 0001, 0002" is a transmission line box that enables various audio signals to be transferred just by connecting a machine which is a collection of transformers exclusively chosen for professional audio recording.
Cafe au Labe studio uses transmission line box for all of the recordings including vocal, electric guitar, recording of electric based microphone and line, and all of the drum's tracks.

■Guitarists and Bassists
Effect pedal is now in our studio.
To all the players who feel that your instrument's sound should be sounding more fit, This effect pedal is now here for you.
The sound that feels right is the sound that is real. Fender, Marshall, Soldano, Matchless, Ampeg... Warm, lush, silky sounds of electric guitar and electric guitars are there because of the real amp. Transformer is a part that is used for high-end tube amp and this helps the delivery of the best quality sound that makes the quality silky and smooth.
Electric acoustic guitar's piezo and magnetic pick-up tends to include non musical range and noises for its structural reason. By sending only the audio signal of good quality, the sound does not get buried in an orchestra and keeps its presence but not sounding harsh.

Live or recording, always have this kit aside for your precious sounds.
It is also available for vocal microphone recording or mixing & mastering. (when 2 machineries are used for stereo)

■Hand wired by sterling silver plated wire
Sterling silver plated wire is used for internal wiring and it is all wired by Japanese craftsman’s hands. Each machinery has went through detailed test circuit.

■World's best transformers are selected and you can choose one according to your preference.
You can select transformer you prefer when using AMAERTAS 001, 002. (AMATERAS 001compact is only eligible for OEP/Carnhill)

1: Lundahl Transformers (made in Sweden)
High quality transformer that is used for microphone amp and compressor designed by Rupert Neve who founded Focusrite, a high end audio equipment manufacturer. It is well balanced in all range and a HiFi style transformer. Though it gives you an impression of bright sounds it will not get harsh and keeps the outline of low range. This transformer brings richness to all the sounds.

2: OEP/Carnhill Transformer (made in UK)
Carnhill transformers are used for NEVE products today and for many other high end clone models. This transformer has an potential of getting to the closest sound of the vintage NEVE. Mid range has unique way of standing out, and its texture is silky and velvety. Suitable for guitar and base, electric acoustic and other electric instruments. It brings grounded, heavy texture to any sounds and brings presence to your track while mixing.

*This contains two "AMATERAS 0001-compact".